Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller ACT (North Minneapolis)

Updated February 2018

As of 2018, we have accomplished the goals we set as an ACT community and no longer convene formally.

What We’ve Done for Our Community

  • Provided a community resource guide with useful questions to ask when addressing needs and concerns about memory loss from Alzheimer’s/dementia
  • Developed  a network of relationships among church groups, community-based organizations, and service organizations
  • Identified culturally appropriate language and strategies to engage diverse communities on dementia
  • After determining we needed more information about the African community to address their concerns, we joined the Saint Paul African-American Faith Community ACT effort to propose and launch the ACT on Alzheimer’s West African Community

Connect with Us

Contact:  Vanne Owen Hayes, vanneoh@comcast.net

About our ACT Community

“My mother is a strong woman. She worked for Honeywell for 30 years, raised four kids as a single mother and has a strong belief in God. All of a sudden we started to see some warning signs. She started to wander a little, but I was in denial. I said, “Mama will be okay.” One Christmas she got lost. She happened to end up on one of my friend’s buses. I got a call at 2:00 AM. When I found her she wouldn’t come with me. I ended up calling the police. They put her in the hospital at Anoka. They said she couldn’t come home. I knew that wasn’t right and that I would fight to bring her home. My family and I began to learn about dementia but there were few resources and little support. Eventually, through the help of Volunteers of America, we were successful. Now, thanks to this ACT on Alzheimer’s committee, our community has resources. Let's get our family members and bring them home and love them and cherish them.”

—Anthony, North Minneapolis resident, told his story at an ACT on Alzheimer’s gathering. Watch the video.

In 2014, NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center spearheaded the launch of ACT on Alzheimer’s in North Minneapolis to address Alzheimer’s in the African-American community. The ACTion Team named the effort “Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller ACT” after the African-American psychiatrist who worked with Dr. Alzheimer to identify the disease. In addition to NorthPoint, the team includes representatives from Heritage Park YMCA, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Minnesota Council of Churches, City of Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations, Metropolitan Health Plan, Augustana Open Circle of Heritage Park, Minneapolis Urban League, and unaffiliated community members.

Upon learning that African-Americans are twice as likely as whites to get Alzheimer’s, team members chose to focus on building awareness and to identify and explore pathways to reducing the economic, social, and spiritual impact of Alzheimer’s on people with the disease and caregivers.

Snapshot of Activities

  • Created the ACTion Team identity, providing the team with a culturally significant name.
  • Gathered information about Alzheimer’s disease and resources for the African American community and shared them with the community.
  • Conducted assessments/conversations, drawing the community together to discuss results and set priorities.
  • Expanded work in the faith community to include Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in addition to original members, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and Minnesota Council of Churches.
  • Hosted a health information fair in collaboration with the Saint Paul African-American Faith Community ACT Team. Topics included Medicare, Planning for the Future, and What You Need to Know About Memory Loss.

Resources, News and Events

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller ACT on Alzheimer’s ACTion Team September 18, 2014 Kick-Off Videos:
Full Video: http://youtu.be/dnsMRKawO-w

Creating ACTion Team Identity: http://youtu.be/6IwxwlP4zAg

What Dementia Friendly Is and Is Not for One Community: http://youtu.be/DSh9yiYPPrc

Acting Together In Ways That Have Meaning for Us: http://youtu.be/1pjSJlmVD3k

ACT on Alzheimer’s Evaluation: Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller, Report on Activities and Progress, May 2015

Baraza, A Black Woman’s Health Gathering, October 10, 2015 (flyer)

Annual Health and Wellness Fair, October 2, 2015 (flyer)

Community Forum: Call to Action, February 19, 2015 (flyer)

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller ACTion Team Event, September 18, 2014

Save the date to learn more about the Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller ACTion Team, September 18, 2014