ACT on Alzheimer's Forest Lake

Updated February 2018

In 2018, we are continuing the work we started as an ACT community to become dementia friendly.

What We’re Doing for Our Community

  • Supporting caregivers of people with dementia through a monthly support group meeting
  • Producing videos for the business community to help them train employees on having a dementia friendly environment; seeking funding to produce a video series for high school, middle school, and elementary students
  • Developed a reference guide to help people find help and answer questions when seeking services or assistance for themselves or their loved one
  • Providing ongoing dementia awareness messaging and visibility

Connect with Us

Under development in 2018: ACT on Alzheimer’s Forest Lake Facebook and
Contact:  Jules Benson,

About Our ACT Community

The Forest Lake team launched in 2013 with Forest Lake residents and includes representatives from a variety of community sectors, including Cherrywood Pointe of Forest Lake, Paul's Animation/LATV, Edina Realty, Rapid Press Printing, Meadows on Fairview, Birchwood Senior Living, Amada Senior Services, and Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

“During the survey process, the team encountered a lot of people who didn’t want to talk about Alzheimer’s, particularly if they didn’t have a personal connection to it. When something can’t be fixed, when we don’t know how to handle something, we don’t know what we should do. The ACTion Team understands the realities of this disease, and because we have community members who are living with it, we must help people become aware and informed so we can be helpful as a community.”
---Jules Benson, Team Lead

Snapshot of Activities

  • Convened an ACTion Team.
  • Completed 47 community surveys.
  • Working to increase awareness of citizens who are living with dementia and their caregivers and create a better living environment for them.

Resources, News and Events

ACT on Alzheimer’s Project Moving Forward
February 16, 2015, Forest Lake Times

Alzheimer’s Videos