Alzheimer's Latino Collaborative at Centro

“After Delores was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Dora and Delores started coming to Centro for respite. ‘I had to watch her 24 hours,’ says Dora, Delores’s daughter and caregiver. ‘My mother speaks Spanish and that makes it harder to get help. People at Centro understand her culture and they speak her language. When she is here, she is happy. When I see her happy, I’m happy. That’s the most important thing to me.’”

—Story from “Late Life: Facing Dementia” video, produced by tpt and Allina Health.

About Our ACT Community

Centro Tyrone Guzman convened the Latino Collaborative for ACT on Alzheimer’s in 2014. Team members represent Centro, Spanish Legacy Adult Day Care, Amigos del Mercado, the NorthPoint Health and Wellness clinic, and community members. "Latinos are expected to be the largest minority elder population by 2030” according to Roxana Linares, Executive Director at Centro Tyrone Guzman. “The goal of the Latino Collaborative ACTion Team is to educate and mobilize the Latino community in order to create an informed, safe, and respectful community for Latinos with Alzheimer’s and dementia."

Snapshot of Activities

  • Developed a network of trained Spanish-speaking professionals who can provide information about Alzheimer’s and dementia to community members.
  • Provide workshops and create awareness and education about Alzheimer’s/dementia and identifying the early signs of Alzheimer’s.
  • Developed a caregiver education series in Spanish for caregivers and a monthly caregiver support group for Spanish-speaking caregivers.
  • Partnered with Teatro del Pueblo to create an original theater production, “El Orden del Desorden,” a play about the ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Resources, News and Events


ACT on Alzheimer’s Evaluation: Latino Collaborative, Report on Activities and Progress, June 2015

EL ORDEN DEL DESORDEN, Saturday, May 30, 2015 (flyer)
An original play designed to educate the community about the ten warning signs of Alzheimer's disease.

Raising Awareness About Dementia and Alzheimer’s, October 23, 2014, (flyer) (spanish flyer)

Action Community Team Contact

Yoli Chambers