ACT on Alzheimer's Anoka

Updated February 2018

In 2018, we are continuing the work we started as an ACT community to become dementia friendly.

What We’re Doing for Our Community

• Raising awareness of dementia and Alzheimer's
• Providing a local resource brochure for  individuals, families and friends affected by dementia
• Creating memory kits by working with the library system

Connect with Us

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Contact:  Steve Griffiths,

About Our ACT Community

The Anoka ACTion Team was formed in 2015. The team includes representatives from medical, financial, city and county government, religious groups, and business organizations, as well as community members including people living with Alzheimer’s. Many of the core team members have personal experience in caring for family members with dementia.

Snapshot of Activities (in 2017)

  • Develop community-specific resource brochure
  • Create an ACT on Alzheimer’s Anoka page within our host organization’s website
  • Redesign our ACT Anoka Facebook page
  • Work with Anoka County libraries to create a dementia reading list
  • Explore development of memory café in Anoka
  • Offer Dementia Friends MN to businesses and employees
  • Sponsor a dementia friendly shopping day

News, Resources and Events

Anoka Taking Steps to Become Dementia Friendly
April 15, 2016, ABC Newspapers

Movement to Make Anoka Dementia-Friendly Community
June 2, 2015, ABC Newspapers