ACT on Alzheimer’s Harmony

Updated February 2018

In 2018, we are continuing the work we started as an ACT community to become dementia friendly.

What We’re Doing for Our Community

Our priorities include:
• Training Dementia Champions and offering Dementia Friends Information Sessions
• Providing in-person dementia training and resources to health care providers
• Offering education to community members, such as an 8-week caregiver support group workshop
• Distributing Alzheimer’s information to the community and creating a dementia information section in the Harmony Public Library

Connect with Us

ACT Harmony Facebook
Contact:  Lori Slindee,

About Our ACT Community

Harmony formed an ACT for Alzheimer’s Action Community in 2014. Gunderson Care Harmony is the lead agency for the effort. ACTion Team members include a local pastor, clinic administrator, and assisted living facility manager. The team plans to recruit additional faith communities and perhaps the local business chamber. Billed “The Biggest Little Town in Southern Minnesota,” Harmony is home to a large Amish community.

Resources, News and Events

Harmony ACT on Alzheimer’s October 6 Program on Music Therapy
October 5, 2015, Fillmore County Journal

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Series Offered in Harmony
July 6, 2015, Fillmore County Journal

Community of Harmony Receives Grant to Get Dementia-Friendly Action Plan Underway
June 15, 2015, Fillmore County Journal

Harmony receives ACT on Alzheimer's grant to advance dementia-friendly work
June 18, 2014, Republican-Leader

Private screening of Glen Campbell movie draws a crowd to JEM Theatre
February 11, 2015, Bluff Country Newspaper

Music Therapy and Dementia, October 6, 2015 (flyer)

ACT on Alzheimer’s community forum to be held on August 27, 2014