ACT on Alzheimer's Redwood Falls

Updated February 2018

In 2018, we are still working to become dementia friendly, but our efforts have expanded or changed beyond being an ACT community. We are now known as the Redwood Area Dementia Awareness Network.

What We’re Doing for Our Community

  • Holding an annual Spring Dementia Education event for professionals and caregivers and another one in the Fall for caregivers and community members
  • Conducting a Virtual Dementia Tour annually
  • Offering Dementia Friends information sessions  and Powerful Tools for Caregivers classes

Connect with Us

A.C.E of SW MN website
Contact:  Karen Christensen,

About Our ACT Community

Redwood Falls formed an ACT on Alzheimer’s Action Community in 2014. Its large volunteer base made participating in ACT a natural fit for many area professionals who are working with people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as family caregivers. As recruitment for the ACTion Team continues, community sectors being sought include local government and legal and financial professionals.

Snapshot of Activities

  • Developed “Community Resource Guide” and “Please Be Patient with Me” card and distributed them in Redwood Falls and throughout Redwood County. Distributed 100 Resource Toolkits to businesses, faith communities and organizations.
  • Make regular presentations on morning radio show, wrote a monthly newspaper article and distributed email newsletters to raise awareness and educate about dementia.
  • Caregiver Support Group meets monthly at local coffee shop.
  • Offered Dementia Friends Information Sessions to church group, extension club, senior citizen group and at local library.
  • Provide in-person dementia training and ACT resources to health care providers

In the News

Visit Me: How to Communicate with People Living with Dementia
March 24, 2015, Redwood Falls Gazette