ACT on Alzheimer's Re-Membering Matters at Mille Lacs

Community Action Priorities

  • Create a community resource brochure
  • Train Dementia Champions and community volunteers on delivering “The Basics: Understanding Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease” and “Know the Ten Signs: Early Detection Matters” to health care providers
  • Offer Dementia Friends sessions and education to community and family caregivers
  • Develop a central clearing house for local Alzheimer's dementia information and resources
  • Increase awareness through local media
  • Offer information/education to faith community, civic organizations, government and businesses
  • Work with local libraries

“Our hope is to build tangible ways to rebuild full, participatory membership of our community members with dementia by identifying, creating, and fostering intentional community connections and pathways and by removing barriers caused by fear, stigma, or ignorance.”
—Sue Lyback, Re-Membering Matters Team Member

About Our ACT Community

The Re-Membering Matters at Mille Lacs Action Community was formed in 2014 and encompasses the geographic boundaries of the Onamia and Isle School Districts, which includes several communities and two districts of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Re-Membering Matters refers to a belief that “re-membering actually means reconnecting or rejoining; that is, restoring being a member and a sense of belonging.” Sue Lyback, team lead, notes, “The impact of dementia is something community members can unite around…it can bring people together.” The ACTion Team envisions a community where all persons, regardless of their cognitive capacity, are valued members of the community. Team members represent the faith community, service providers, health care, education, and caregivers.

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ACT on Alzheimer's Re-Membering Matters at Mille Lacs Brochure

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