ACT on Alzheimer’s Sibley County

Updated February 2018

In 2018, we are still working to become dementia friendly, and our efforts have expanded or changed beyond only being an ACT community.

What We’ve Done for Our Community

  • Educated the community about Alzheimer's and dementia through educational booklets
  • Reached our Hispanic population and reduced the stigma associated with Alzheimer's and dementia
  • Started a support group on the west side of Sibley County
  • Collaborated with organizations such as Lutheran Social Services and the Alzheimer's Association

Connect with Us

Contact:  Amy Newsom,

About Our ACT Community

The Sibley County community includes the cities of Arlington, Gaylord, Gibbon, Green Isle, Henderson, New Auburn, and Winthrop. The ACTing on Alzheimer’s community engagement work of convening, assessing, and analyzing was done by dividing the county into three sections: east, central, and west. Because the City of Arlington has its own ACT effort, their group will eventually join the Sibley County team.

Snapshot of Activities (in 2017)

  • Compile information for an educational booklet on Alzheimer’s/dementia, print it, and distribute to libraries, hospitals/clinics, nursing homes, and businesses
  • Address financial planning after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in the educational booklet and conduct a workshop on the topic
  • Provide caregiver counseling and support groups in Sibley Count
  • Have activities associated with the support groups and recognize participants’ accomplishments