ACT on Alzheimer's Waseca

Updated February 2018

As of 2018, we have accomplished the goals we set as an ACT community and no longer convene formally.

What We’ve Done for Our Community

  • Created a  dementia section in the local library with books, DVDs and reminiscence  kits
  • Trained first responders on "Approaching Alzheimer’s"
  • Produced a resources referral brochure
  • Engaged volunteers on working together to improve how we communicate with people with dementia

Connect with Us

Waseca Area Caregivers website
Contact:  Sherry Scholljegerdes,

About Our ACT Community

Community leaders were contacted to be part of the ACT Waseca action team and included a cross section of business, religious and general community members.  In our community assessment work, we conducted 116 interviews across various community sectors.

Snapshot of Activities (in 2017)

  • Develop the content for a dementia-specific website to be hosted within the Waseca Area Caregiver Services website
  • Reach out to service clubs, businesses, and other Waseca organizations to help develop reminiscence kits; develop messaging/instructions for kit use
  • Hold a dementia-specific workshop for the community; secure guest speakers