ACT Sartell

Community Impact

Our team can point to raising awareness and transforming attitudes about Alzheimer’s in Sartell through:

  • Starting a local support network
  • Having community members interested in becoming Dementia Friends
  • Meeting with community members whose lives are affected by dementia to gather their input on potential areas of education for the Sartell community

About Our ACT Community

The possibility of helping the Sartell community become dementia friendly was sparked by information shared at the annual Meeting of the Minds conference on dementia for families, friends and professionals. With the support of the Central Minnesota Council on Aging, the possibility became a reality. In June 2015, the Sartell Community held its first ACTion Team meeting. Local professionals, senior service providers, caregivers, local law enforcement, and representatives attended the meeting from community education and city, county and state government.

Snapshot of Activities (underway in 2017)

  • Include ACT on Alzheimer’s as a regularly occurring topic on the monthly Sartell Senior Connection agenda.
  • Inform the community about Sartell’s registered Dementia Friends Champion and the program through the Senior Connection newsletter (distributed to 500+ community members)
  • Hold a minimum of five Dementia Friends Information Sessions
  • Pursue collaborative possibilities with the ACT Sauk Rapids community
  • Hold dementia awareness trainings for the local police department and emergency responders
  • Participate in various community outreach events, including the Expo for Seniors

Resources, News and Events

To Stay Informed

ACT Sartell Community on Sartell Senior Connection

ACT on Alzheimer’s Sartell Facebook

Action Community Team Contact 

Erica Frey