Action Resources:  Residential Settings

Managing Dementia Across the Continuum (ACT on Alzheimer’s)  Includes a protocol for treating, managing and supporting persons with dementia beyond the early stages of the disease. Appropriate for medical and nursing directors in older adult settings and for other professionals involved in dementia care. 

Dementia Trainings for Direct Care Staff (ACT on Alzheimer's) Comprehensive list of dementia training resources for organizations seeking best practices in preparing direct care staff. 

Person-Centered Care for People with Dementia (powerpoint), (webinar recording)

Dementia Care: The Quality Chasm A white paper for family members, caregivers and professionals that describes a redesign of how we provide dementia care and how to shift to true person-centeredness. 

Toolkit for Promoting Behavioral Health in Nursing Homes Addresses non-pharmacological approaches to dementia care with an emphasis on person-centered care.

Dementia-Friendly Environment Resources

Enhancing the Healing Environment Dementia Care Tool for Health Centres  You will need to create a sign in account to access this document.

Designing Space for Dementia Care In this study unit you explore how the environment impacts on the experience of health and social care, and in particular how the built environment affects the sense of orientation for people with dementia.

Developing Supportive Design for People with Dementia  Review a range of resources to enable hospitals, care homes and specialist housing providers to become more dementia friendly.

Dementia Enabling Environment Project Developing an enabling environment for a person living with dementia can make a significant difference to independence, quality of life and wellbeing. This website provides practical tips, guides and resources to help make the places in which we live more dementia enabling.

Designing Environments for Alzheimer’s Disease Resource list that includes articles, books, and web resources on: Design and Aging, Design and Dementia in Long-Term Care, Home Safety Design, Outdoor Design and Providing Sensory Experiences.

Design for Dementia Care: Open Learn   Case studies of new build and refurbished care homes reveal how dementia-friendly interior and exterior design enable improved working practices for care staff, and lead to greater independence and a better quality of life for residents.

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