Action Resources: Faith Communities

ACT’s Dementia Friendly Faith Community tips and best practices handout provides an overview of dementia, Alzheimer’s 10 warning signs and tips for interacting with community members with dementia and their families.  Handout includes ideas for creating a welcoming faith community and dementia friendly physical space.  View handout.


Growing Dementia Friendly Churches  A guide for all churches who are seeking to be welcoming, inclusive and nurturing communities to all who enter their doors, including people who have dementia and those who share their journey.

Top Ten Tips for Dementia Friendly Churches 

Dementia Friendly Communities Resource Guide  Includes examples of dementia friendly spiritual activities. 

Dementia Friendly Church Checklist

Lighting the Path for People Affected by Alzheimer’s African-American Clergy Guide This guide offers suggestions for recognizing and interacting with a person with Alzheimer’s, providing the unique spiritual care and comfort needed by people with Alzheimer’s and their loved ones, and leading your congregation in embracing those affected by Alzheimer’s.

University of Kentucky Alzheimer’s Disease Center Resources include:  Book of Alzheimer’s for African-American Churches,  Memory Sunday:  A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders, Memory Sunday Toolkit, Granny Pearl DVD.

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Senior LinkAge Line 1-800-333-2433 A One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors www, Navigate Minnesota's Land of Over 10,000 Helping Agencies Alzheimer's Association