Dementia Friendly @ Work

The ACT on Alzheimer’s® Dementia Friendly @ Work training is a one hour educational session for staff of business and service organizations, as well as other community settings.  The training focuses on understanding dementia, communication tips and taking action to create an environment that is safe, respectful, and welcoming for people living with dementia.

More than 100,000 Minnesotans have dementia or a related disorder. It’s projected that the number of Alzheimer’s cases and other dementias will triple by 2050. These numbers directly impact family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, colleagues, clients, and customers.

Training Objectives

  • Learn what dementia is and some Alzheimer’s facts
  • Recognize the early signs of Alzheimer's
  • Learn tips for communicating and interacting with a person who has dementia
  • Learn tips for creating a dementia-friendly physical space
  • Get familiar with resources in your community

Preparing and Conducting the Training

Follow these six steps to help you prepare for, conduct, and the follow up the training

Step 1:  Download and read the Trainer’s Guide (rev. 10/23/17)

Step 2:  Customize the Marketing Flyer and advertise the training 

Step 3:  Schedule the training

Step 4:  Download and print the Participant’s Guide (rev. 10/23/17), Case Studies and Participant Certificates

Step 5:  Complete the On-line Reporting Form

Step 6:  Recognize participants
              Take a photo of participants holding the Working to Become Dementia Friendly Poster  
              Print ad of Business Working to Become Dementia Friendly 
              Offer Working to Become Dementia Friendly Window Clings


The ACT on Alzheimer's® Dementia Friendly Communities Toolkit, provider practice tools, dementia training, and related resources may be reproduced, adapted, or both when these restrictions are followed:
  • Acknowledgement of ACT on Alzheimer's must appear in print and online.  Use this citation: Reproduced (or Adapted) from ACT on Alzheimer's® developed tools and resources.
  • ACT on Alzheimer's® developed tools and resources cannot be sold in their original form or in a modified/adapted form.