Action Resources: Dementia-Friendly Businesses

ACT’s Dementia Friendly Businesses tips and best practices handout provides an overview of dementia, Alzheimer’s 10 warning signs and tips for interacting with customers with dementia.  Handout covers ways a business can support employees caring for someone with dementia and how to create a dementia friendly physical space.  View handout.


ACT on Alzheimer's Dementia Friendly @ Work Training

How to Help People with Dementia:  A Guide for Customer-Facing Staff This booklet provides guidance on how you can help to support customers with dementia.

Your Call Is Important To Us Best practice guide to help organizations improve their call routing systems, contact centers and the customer experience of their disabled and older customers.

Guidelines for Call Centres Dealing with Vulnerable Consumers Outlines step-by-step, the signs to look out for to identify a vulnerable consumer and how best to communicate with them. The guidelines also include details on how managers can support their staff to ensure responsible contact with vulnerable consumers.

Is it Dementia? Short films for staff working in transportation, retail, banking, correctional services, emergency services and fire services.

Video on the Impact of Dementia Friendly Training on Employees

Supporting Employee Caregivers

Balancing Work and Family Care of Older Persons Includes a handbook and videos to help employers create work environments that are supportive of families engaged in work and elder care. 

Employed Family Caregiver Survey This confidential, web-based survey process produces an executive summary and a longer report, both of which define the scope and needs of employed caregivers and makes recommendations for assistance.

Handbook on Workplace Flexibilities and Work-Life Programs for Elder Care This handbook provides guidance on the various leave and work schedule flexibilities for eldercare, and also provides information on work life programs available to employees providing care for an elderly family member.

When Work and Caregiving Collide: How Employers Can Support Their Employees Who Are Caregivers Highlights best practices that many employers offer to their employees who provide care, offers some practical suggestions on how to become a more caregiver-friendly workplace and provides a toolbox of valuable information and resources for employers and employees.  

Start your search for resources by checking out what's available in your local community.

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