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People living with dementia, along with their family caregivers, turn to trusted professionals to understand the condition and the challenges they may face.  Get prepared for these conversations by exploring the Dementia Curriculum offered by ACT on Alzheimer’s. 
Developed by leading experts in Minnesota, this 10-module curriculum can stand on its own or be integrated into complementary education offerings. Educators, practicing professionals, and students across multiple disciplines will benefit from advancing their knowledge of dementia. 
Download the flyer to review the 10 modules and learning objectives. Content for each module and powerpoint slides can be accessed below. 
Module I:
Disease Description



(for less clinically
oriented audiences)

Module II:

Text Slides  
Module III:  
Societal Impact
Text Slides  
Module IV:  
Effective Interactions
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Module V:  
Cognitive Assessment and Value of Early Detection
Text Slides  
Module VI:  
Text Slides  
Module VII:  
Disease Diagnosis
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Module VIII:  
Quality Interventions


Module IX:  
Dementia as an Organizing Principle of Care
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Module X:  
Caregiver Support
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Science of Alzheimer's


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