Convene Action Phase 1
Assess Action Phase 2
Analyze Action Phase 3
ACT Together Action Phase 4

Action Phase 4: ACT Together

Create a community action plan and take action community-wide to become dementia friendly.  This phase consists of four key steps.  

Step 1: Share Assessment Findings with the Community

After identifying top priorities in the Analyze phase, the community event team plans a community presentation.  The presentation should update the community on the Action Team’s work, report the community assessment results, and engage community members on potential activities.  Use this event to recruit more Action Team members.  

Community Meeting Prioritizing Goals Process
ACT Together Phase and Prioritizing Community Goals Video
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Step 2: Create a Community Action Plan

Review all input from the community event and brainstorm actions for the priority areas.  Consider available resources (people, funding, time, level of effort) and select the actions that your community can realistically accomplish in the designated timeframe. 

As a team, use the Creating a Community Action Plan – Workplan and Budget template to create a community action plan that includes objectives, activities, lead person or responsible organization and target date for completion.  Include potential expenses.  Brainstorm possible funding sources and whether to seek grant funds.  Share the Call to Action and MN Communities are ACTing on Alzheimer’s with funders and include the content in a grant application.  

Step 3: Communicate about Your Action Plan

Inform the community of your actions and plan for becoming dementia friendly.  Include the media, people who participated in the community assessment, and those who attended the community event.  


Creating a Community Action Plan - Communications


Step 4: Implement the Plan

Identify team members who have specific skills, knowledge, expertise or connections to help implement the action plan.  Revisit the Master Contact List and responses to the Project Involvement Questions from Phase 3 to identify others who can help implement the plan.  Consider forming sub-groups based on priorities and planned objectives.  Continue to hold Action Team meetings to provide updates on progress and keep members engaged.

While implementing the plan, document your milestones and accomplishments as a way to inform stakeholders and community members. Consider holding a focus group or community conversation to gain new ideas for your community.

 Certificate of Appreciation for Action Team Members
Summary of Dementia Friendly Activities:  Template (ACT St. Louis Park)
Organizing and Conducting Focus Groups for People Living with Memory Loss and for Family Caregivers

Rotate meeting locations.  Hold some meetings at organizations that serve diverse and underserved communities.